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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 6, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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late tonight san francisco police identify the man wanted for a horrific attack. what prompted him allegedly to set a woman on fire. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we have new information tonight about a crime in the san francisco's bay district. a woman was doused with chemicals and set on fire. tonight police are still
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looking for the assailant, the victim's boyfriend. police released the picture of dexter oliver. he is still on the run tonight. >> reporter: crime scene technicians carried gas canisters from the home. the people who live here say the extra gas is for the cars in the driveway. but today at noon police say this man 22-year-old dexter oliver decided to use the content of these bottles to burn and seriously injure his girlfriend. >> they argue and stuff all the time but i didn't think it would go this far. >> reporter: the mother of three is now in the hospital with burns to the face, chest and neck. the victim's sister says it all started with an argument that started at the laundromat. >> my sister wanted to wash but he didn't want to leave the clothes there. he says she does it all the
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time, so he threw them down. >> reporter: she then says she saw oliver pour gasoline in a pedialite can and walk back to the launtromat. >> she smelled like gas, she was on fire, totally on fire. >> reporter: the young woman was able to rip off her jacket and make her way back home. >> my sister is going to make a full recovery. i know she is because she's strong. >> reporter: her family say still fails to understand how someone could be so cruel. more details on the description of the suspect. 22-year-old dexter oliver is about 5'10" tall and 155 pounds. he was last seen wearing a red and white hoodie with red nike shoes. he also has a rare haircut with
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a fish on one side and a lightning bolt on the other. police closed interstate 880 in oakland for nearly two hours. the driver of a white sedan hit the center divider just south of the high street exit happened around 7:45 tonight. a witness also told ktvu that the driver got out of that car and tried to cross the freeway. the witness says the manmade it across one lane before he was struck by an suv. it's believed several other vehicles also hit the man who was pronounced dead there at the scene. as emergency personnel and chp responded to the situation, the highway was closed in the area. northbound traffic was diverted off the highway and were allowed to return at the next entrance. the chp opened all entrances at about 9:40. a woman was hit by a car,
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debora villalon has new information. >> reporter: chp is still notifying next of kin. but we know the driver was 69 years old and from san joaquin. the call for sheriff's divers. >> this is a rescue situation we're willing to put our lives on the line to go in and do it. >> reporter: witnesses saw it happen. a sedan instead of turning toward the freeway sped straight through the red light at about 60 and jumped the curb plunging into this irrigation pump. a few drivers stopped hoping to help. >> one of our firefighters did stop and jumped in at his own peril. he said it was zero visibility. >> the first divers that went
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in went in in their plain civilian clothes. >> reporter: going by what they could feel, they reached the driver , still wearing her seat belt. the 69-year-old woman could not be revived and was pronounced dead at valley medical center. >> reporter: her buick sedan will be inspected for mechanical problems as the chp searches for why she inexplicably dived into the water. it is thought she may have simply lost control trying to
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beat a red light or suffered a medical emergency. also in san jose police are investigating a solo vehicle car accident that left a driver dead. that accident happened just before 3:00 p.m. the investigators are still trying to determine if rain was a factor in the accident. >> weather could have played a factor i don't know what the rain was like at that time of the accident. you can still see there's still wet in that area. there is no standing water but there is water down there. >> police say they do not believe the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. a 16-year-old was with a group of friends when she was shot around 10:30 last night right across the street from capuccino high school. the girl is in stable condition. so far police have not made any
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arrests and have not said what may have led to the shooting. oakland are asking for help to locate a woman who hasn't been seen since friday morning when she left for work. they say gloria gee's husband contacted them after she failed to return home. anyone with information is asked to call police. a missing 92-year-old man from san francisco was found today. in an oakland hospital. police say walter wakumski is currently at summit medical center. security officials at golden gate field track says wakumski was there new year's day and suffered a medical problem. they then called an ambulance that took him to the hospital. staff there saw the news that wakumski was missing and called police. his condition has not been released. continuing our coverage of the nhl lock out. officials say they have struck a deal with players.
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>> we have reached an agreement on the frame work of a new collective bargaining agreement. >> that announcement by national hockey league commissioner means the month long lock out is almost over. they still have to work out some details including a date when games will resume. word of a tentative agreement are being cheered. sharks fans and san jose businesses are more than ready for the players to hit the ice. >> it's the news shark fans have been waiting for. a tentative agreement had been reached the end of the nhl lock out is in sight. >> i said yes, they woke me up. >> when there's a lock out we have nothing to watch. we really like to watch nhl to learn from it. >> reporter: few are more relieved than staff across the pavilion. without hockey their revenue had been down 50 to 70% over the winter months. >> it's everything to us.
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we'll be able to hire more people. we've not hired 10 to 15 people just because we didn't need them. >> reporter: there'll be a flurry of activity around the pavilion too. shark's owners are just waiting for the league. >> once we receive the schedule, we'll print the tickets. >> reporter: they just hope fans will forgive the lock out days and proceed to show up. >> they did this 10 years ago and it seems to not get back ward for the surface stands. >> i was on the nhl facebook page and there's a lot of upset fans but now that it's over i think that we can all come together and just enjoy the support of hockey. >> reporter: training camp could start as soon as thursday. and the teams expect to put
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individual tickets for sale by tuesday. more details on this shortened hockey season. first players must ratify this new proposal. the league has scenarios for a 48 and 58 game season. the target is for a 50 game season. we'll have much more on the end of a lock out. for the end of the hockey lock out you can go to and click on the nhl lock out tab. san jose is investigating its first homicide of 2013. why neighbors of the victims say they are shocked by the violence. >> also rumors heating up tonight about the republican president obama plans to nominate to be the next defense secretary. why conservatives are denouncing the investigation. >>
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san jose police are trying to track down a gunman who shot and killed a man in front of his home. ktvu's cara liu tells us why the victim was not immediately found. >> reporter: neighbors say they heard argues last night outside of this home followed by gunfire. >> we heard two shots go off. we woke up this morning to a bunch of officers coming over here. >> reporter: another neighbor didn't want to be on camera
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because she fears for her safety. she said she called 911 but when officers came out last night during the rain they didn't find anything. >> it makes me think about security for myself. for protection. because they were out here, they had the lights, the equipment and they couldn't find anything now. where does that leave us? >> reporter: police confirm the body was discovered by a relative in front of his home this morning. >> he was suffering by at least one gunshot wound. this marks the city's first homicide for 2013. >> reporter: investigators documented evidence and can vanceed for crews as witnesses looked on with concern. >> actually i was terrified because i have a daughter too. i don't know what happened. >> a couple of houses away it's ridiculous. i never would have thought this would have happened right there. like i said they are a real quiet family. absolutely no reason why i would think that would ever happen. >> reporter: neighbors ask this family has lived here on this tripoli avenue for many years and there's never been any
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trouble. an investigation is under way after fresno firefighters were called to put out a fire on a fleet of school buses. the damage is estimated to be about $1 million. the cause of the fire is under investigation and arson has not been ruled out. a spokeswoman for the fresno unified district says the fire will not affect bus service. a man accused of opening fire at a bar during new year's eve has been released from a hospital and booked into jail. two other people have been arrested in connection with the case. the gunfire erupted as dozens of families were gathered near by for a new year's fireworks show. that has prompted governor johnson to promote a gun buy back program.
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several gun buy back program have taken thousands of guns off the street. the fbi says it plans to give an update tomorrow on its search for human remains found near a san joaquin county well. agents are expected to announce whether new remains have been found where . police believe the victims were killed by the speed freak killers. some legal analysts expect that holmes will ultimately accept a plea deal that would rule out the death penalty. sources in washington say
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tonight that president obama called republican hagel fueling reports that -- defense secretary this week. the former senator toured with president obama. he faces a grilling. this past statements about israel, the cuban embargo and iraq bar have drawn fire. >> mr. hagel came out from the surge. said the war couldn't be won. no one has told us and we were fighting it in 2006. he delayed funding in 2007. >> chuck hagel if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of state against the state of israel in our nation's history. >> hagel's service earned him
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two purple hearts. president obama today signed into law legislation that set aside $9.7 billion to pay federal flood insurance claims to victims of super storm sandy. fema warned that without the additional funds it would run out of money to pay claims next week. lawmakers have yet to act on a proposed bill to set aside $51 billion worth of aid to address the effects of super storm sandy. john boehner has vowed to vote on that bill january 26. there was a packed house for people that came together to raise money for super storm sandy victims. the money will go to two
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couples. organizers said they raised more than $2,000 and they're still counting. it looks like secretary of state hillary clinton will return to work tomorrow for the first time since she fell ill in december. clinton is expected to attend a meeting first thing in the morning. on tuesday, she's scheduled to meet with outgoing defense attorney panetta. california lawmakers will get back to work tomorrow with a democratic superhouse majority in both houses. the new legislature was sworn in but then recessed for the holidays. they expect democratic lawmakers to freely legislate. but does not expect democrats to run wild with spending. >> everybody calm down here, take a deep breath. especially in his own party. we're not just turning the
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elephants lose to rampage the place. i think what you are going to see is an accommodation and a little caution. >> the big issues likely includes college tuition hikes which have put the squeeze on families and budgets. a couple received a remarkable present from a stranger. love letters they had written to each other as newlyweds. lloyd and judy had written the letters. the letters were in a trunk that had been stolen. >> it's very emotional. like she said marvelous memories of getting the letters but hellish time. >> lloyd says if the lord gives them enough time they intend to
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reread all of those letters. >> french actor gerard depardue moves closer to his homeland. same-sex marriage overseas. the country to become the first in asian to legally recognize same-sex marriage. the rain clouds have moved out of the bay area.
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salvage experts in alaska scored a victory by attaching a towline into the oil rig culuck. there are fears it could leak oil and fuel into the water although so far the platform
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remains intact. the plan now calls for the culuck to be towed when the weather permits. today obama is criticizing a speech by azad calling it detached. president azad rejected international peace efforts instead he proposed a political plan that over hauls the government but keeps him in power. mr.azad said the movement against him was driven by quote murderous criminals. >> those are the enemies of the people. and the enemies of god. and the enemies of god will go to hell. >> united nations estimates that more than 60,000 people have died in the 21 month long struggle. in other news of the world tonight in afghanistan, the taliban claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings which
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killed at least four people and left more than 16 wounded. the bombers attacked a meeting of tribal leaders in kandahar province. the province has been one of the most violent in that country. in australia, firefighters said tonight that several wildfires have now scorched 110 square miles in tanzmania and forced 3,000 people from their homes. at least 100 people are missing but to date there are no confirmed fatalities. firefighters are dealing with high winds and scorching temperature that is have reached to 108 degrees. in thailand, customs officials say they confiscated half a million dollars worth of rhino horns. the vietnamese man was hiding the horns inside a clay
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hippoptotamus. the french actor showed off his new russian passport. putin granted dupardeu's request. taiwan is on its way to becoming the first country in asian to legalize same-sex marriage. you are looking at gay marriage ceremonies held back in 2011 which were not legally recognized by the marriage. but this year the legislature is said to hold hearings on the measure. judges are considering a lawsuit by a gay couple. activists say legalization is just a matter of time.
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a week long commemoration of richard nixon started today. mr.nixon was born 100 years ago next wednesday. he is the only u.s. president ever to resign from office in the midst of the water gate scandal. speakers today concentrated on his abilities. >> he was a president who's impact on the world strategic landscape and our own armed forces is historical in context. >> fighter jets flew over head as part of today's ceremony and his oldest daughter patricia planted a wreath sent by president obama. the hot button issue taking center stage tomorrow in a north bay courtroom. how one man is attempting to make a statement in traffic court. >> and also, a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go right on your cell phone.
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no, thanks, i'm stuffed. today san francisco started doing something it has not done in 65 years. require motorists to feed meters city wide seven days a week. parking control officers will be issuing warnings for those who forget the feed the meter until january 27th after that they will issue you a ticket. the change will bring in about $2 million a year. but they say the new policy will benefit retailers by increasing the turn over of parking spaces. >> the city needs the money. i can understand why they're doing it. i know it enraging -- enrages a lot of driver. >> this is meant to make sure
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our streets move faster, our streets are safer and people who come into san francisco do not complain about not finding enough parking spaces. >> all meters will give drivers the option of prepaying for up to four hours on sunday. there is word tonight that google's executive chairman eric schmidt is traveling to north korea. traveling with schmidt is richardson, former senator. it's unclear what prime bay allegedly committed. starting this week, bay area travelers will be able to fly from san jose to tokyo in the world's most conventional jet. travel will start on a boeing 787 dream liner.
12:03 am
it features big window, more storage and filters air. they hope to fly daily this summer. the airline expects most passengers to come from silican valley tech companies. they have napped a suspected thief thanks to an alert neighbor. andrew phillip stafford was arrested. a neighbor called 911 after watching stafford steal a package right off the front porch. he was arrested and a short time later stafford was connected to similar package thefts in san jose. a suspect arrested in suspicion of a shooting of two teenage girls. the victim 15-year-old a quell girstel and bobby were best
12:04 am
friends. the two suspects knew the girls but did not reveal a possible reason for the shooting. a court appointed psychiatrist is expected to present goh's report tomorrow. in november goh's was charged of killing seven people at oikos university last april. the hot button issue of corporate hood is expected to take place tomorrow and in all cases, traffic court. freeman says he wasn't alone because he had corporation papers in the vehicle with him. he argues that since the highway vehicle code views corporations as people he had two required people in the law and therefor did not break the law. the city's police
12:05 am
department is responsible for the club closing down. the contra costa times reports the co-owner of the vice ultra lounge was the target of bad publicity and that led to the closure. city officials implemented an 11:00 p.m. last call for the club which the owners say hurt business. a community meeting discussed the closures of four fire houses is set for tomorrow. the fire protection district is hosting meetings to allow community members to discuss those closures. the meeting in lafayette has been rescheduled for 6:30 p.m. on january 15th. that's a week after it was previously planned. that will be at the lafayette veteran's memorial building. the other two buildings will take place as originally scheduled. tomorrow is moving day. the famed science museum closed
12:06 am
its stores last week after 43 years at the college of fine arts. the museum is expected to open at its new location in april. on saturday the san francisco 49ers will face off against the green bay packers. we'll tell you where and when you can get your ticket for that big play off game. and a change in the weather is on look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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the latest storm to move through the bay area left a fresh blanket of snow in the sierra. this is what it looked like this morning near king vail. snow fell last night but by morning the roads were clear.
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right now there are no chain restrictions going to tahoe. we want to get a check now on what lies for you week. a little bit of something for everyone right. >> we have a few changes in the next few days. enjoy the hills and parks and all the green hills because the rain has moved out. there's the live doppler sweep showing you clear conditions. expect some fog forming right now. here's a closer inspection of some of the numbers. they are dropping off quite a bit. already some 30s and 40s. look at all the 30s showing up in santa rosa, napa, fairfield 38 degrees and san jose currently checking in around 42. here we go with the fog. we had the recent rainfall last night. we had moderate to heavy rain moving through parts of the area. we had quite a bit of moisture on the ground. as temperatures cool overnight reaching the dewpoint
12:10 am
temperatures that's where the fog forms. right around napa so especially for some of the inland valleys tomorrow. that could impact your visibility out toward fairfield, antioch, concord. temperatures starting out the day in your 40s. not fog currently dense. over the next few days as we do approach the new moon phase. the tides will be going quite a bit. we could have more extreme tides wednesday and thursday. during this time frame we might have minor flooding right around the bay itself because the tide as you can see. not too bad tomorrow. by wednesday and thursday approaching 7 feet. with that we could have some localized flooding. even though we don't have much in the way of rain in the next few days. a little bit of a bump in the numbers for monday and tuesday. beyond tuesday here we go more changes. this area of low pressure moves in from the north and the west. this will bring in much cooler air. in fact, by thursday the
12:11 am
warmest locations inland are just across the entire bay area. only in the upper 30s to low 50s. there's a slight chance of cloud cover. in the short term our main concern is this. the fog regrouping tomorrow morning. a big batch of high clouds moving into the region. for the afternoon hours, skies becoming partly sunny. that's for monday. we'll go ahead and expand the view. not much change for your tuesday. look what happens by wednesday. the clouds thicken up as the cold system moves in. and there is a chance we could have a few sprinkles by wednesday afternoon. especially up in the north bay. and some more rain and some more snow as you work your way closer to the sierra. more snow i should say out toward the sierra dropping still levels. temperatures for tomorrow after the cold start dropping back down into the 50s. out toward morgan hill and gilroy the warmer locations. quiet for monday and tuesday. much warmer for wednesday and
12:12 am
thursday. more cloud cover on saturday and a slight chance of a few showers on sunday. of course for next weekend we're going to keep a close eye on candle stick park for saturday. last time we had a play off game there we had heavy rainfall. at least at this point on saturday it looks okay with clouds out there. >> okay, we'll keep our fingers crossed. the san francisco 49ers set to host the green bay packers in a divisional play off game. the 49ers say tickets will be available tomorrow starting at 10:00 a.m. from ticket master. the team says tickets will be extremely limited. fans are encouraged to visit ticket exchange. if you can't get tickets remember we'll be carrying the game live next saturday right here at 5:00 p.m. >> in high definition. >> yeah. coming up we'll get you caught up on
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good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. after today's nfl wild card game it was obvious there were two teams in the nfc west that are capable of going deep in the postseason. redskins quarterback robert griffin iii was trying to play through a knee injury in a cumbersome brace. griffin south royse. it was griffin to paulson for a touchdown. seattle was staring at a deficit. griffin had to observe a cheap shot after a pass that drew a
12:16 am
penalty. griffin headed to the locker room. field goal got them on the goal. michael robinson with a swing pass. late in the third half, griffin throws for pierre garcon but he's well covered. earl thomas comes up with the pick that led to a seahawks field goal that made it 13-14 in the half. the seahawks were poised to take the lead. but lynch loses the ball when it's punched out by hill. neither team scored in the third quarter. seahawks broke through in the fourth. lynch gets free from the 27. who's out there trying to make a block in front of him. that's wilson. that's a pretty good demonstration of how fast the saoáe yacht -l quarterback is. the seahawks added a converge and took the lead. the redskins just could not get
12:17 am
anything going after that second quarter. griffin tweaks his knee again. they settle for a field goal but the damage was done. griffin was finished for the day. and the seahawks would take a 24-14 lead. >> this game had no shortage of emotion before and right to the end. this is stanford's richard sherman with words that trent williams doesn't appreciate. sherman gets the last laugh as seattle moves on. the seahawks win 24-14. they will be in atlanta for the second round of the play offs. griffin is left to wonder what if he had been healthy in this one but still what would appear to be a bright future ahead. >> my teammates needed me out there so i was out there for them. when it comes to the impact of the injury i'm not sure what it is. we'll figure that out here in the next few days but you know whatever it is i will make sure i come back healthy from it. >> another team that would seem
12:18 am
to have a healthy future is the colts. after winning two games in the play offseason after last season was an accomplishment. and they were also led by a great player. the dance moves are one thing but could he do the same on the field. had 18 tackles, nine of them solo. christianson had to take over as coordinator. andrew luck was sacked three times. kruger had 2-1/2 of those sacks. ravens making it a two possession game. then the fourth quarter after the colts had cut the deficit to 17-9. flacco fires to the
12:19 am
end zone where bolden outmuscles the defender. that's an 18-yard play. had his pass tipped. and luck makes a touchdown saving tackle but the colts incredible turn around season is all but over. another story this year is the successful battle against cancer by colt's head coach chuck pagano. it'll be the ravens moving on next week for the date with the ravens. >> ravens made plays when they needed to we didn't. i think field goals in the red zone killed us and bad balls by me killed us. but hats off to the ravens for beating up. you know they definitely deserve it. and you know i wish we could have done better but we'll move on. if you are one of those that feel there's something missing this winter because you're not getting your daily doze of hockey, you're about to
12:20 am
get some relief. team and player representatives met for 16 intense hours last night and have hammered out an agreement to end the lock out. some key points still in the deal, a 50/50 split of hockey related revenue. a $7 million drop in the cap and a limit on free agent contracts to a maximum of seven years. some reaction both nationally and locally. >> the details of which need to be put to paper, we have to dot a lot of is and cross a lot of the ts. there's still a lot of work to be done. >> we have to get back to people skating and not to us. still to come, they're still trying to get the first golf tournament of the year started. we'll show you
12:21 am
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get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. things are going pretty well for the colorado women's basketball team until this weekend. that's when the 20th ranked and previously unbeaten buffaloes ran into stanford and cal. colorado has now lost two in a row with cal that was in boulder this afternoon. britney boyd had 15 points for the bears. boyd hits a three right here. they head to the locker room with the teams tied at four. cal went on an 8-0 run. part of that run this bucket by talia caldwell. the bears score just seven points in the game the final six minutes when boyd missed a
12:25 am
free point. rashonda was there to put it back for two. cal holds on for a 53-49 win. the show down is coming up this week before the two first place teams. stanford and cal will place each other two times in five days. strange happenings in golf's tournament of champions. the first event of the year on the usually sunny island of hawaii. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the plan today was to play 54 holes. they tried for a while. the wind blows the ball right off his tee. or how about scott stallings. stallings just trying to mark his ball but it won't stay on the green. where are you supposed to mark that. after about 90 minutes of trying to play officials decided to call it off again today and wipe off autothe scores. the plan is to play 18 on tuesday. the winds are predicted to ease
12:26 am
tomorrow. with the world series champion in the market and an nfl team in the play offs let's not forget that the rose bowl champion also resides in the bay area. fred inglis has more on this week's significant accomplishment by the stanford cardinal and the man who has dedicated himself to being the coach for the forseable future. >> it took coach david shaw just two years to become one of the elite college coaches. leading stanford to its first rose bowl victory since 1972. >> we preach. if they don't score in the second half we're going to win this bowl game. we give it to the right adjustments. >> stanford students are mentally tough. not just the athletes. you have to mentally discipline them. the community at stanford, we don't back down. we don't back down from challenges. we don't back down from high expectations. >> davis was stanford's coordinator for four seasons
12:27 am
before replacing jim harbaugh two years ago. jim's father coached for cal. >> the kid did okay didn't he coach? >> he did a good job. we hung in there and got it done. >> as a coaching wizard, i'm sure you could appreciate what was going on. >> it was a defensive battle. but we hung in there and did what we needed to do and we got the win. >> you have to be very proud of your son. >> thank you, we are. >> i feel the same way about my kids. i care more about what they do than what i do. and my dad feels the same. he's one of the guys for me that sets the standard for how to coach. all of the success he's had. all of the nfl players that still praise him for what he's done. he talks about team work, unity, for our guys to display that today and play so hard
12:28 am
today. that's when i saw him. that's the only time i started crying when i saw my dad. because i was so proud and i saw how proud he was of us. >> he loves it here. and i don't see him leaving any time soon. shawn may end up going back to pasadena because the rose bowl is also the national championship game. in pasadena, fred inglis. a little more than 24 hours ago was considered to be a foregone conclusion that the oregon head coach was on his way to the browns. today word that the browns going elsewhere, because they didn't feel kelly was completely on the idea of going to the nfl. kelly had a similar situation with the bucks last year. at this point it's hard to
12:29 am
imagine any over team trying to coax kelly out of eugene. doug marone will leave syracuse and go to the bills. marrone will take over a bills team that hasn't been to the play offs for 13 years. that will do it for this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. have a good week everybody. >> big game on saturday. >> yeah we're going to be talking about that all week. >> fun times, thank you joe. we have an update now on that missing oakland woman. about 15 minutes ago oakland police told us that she has been found alive. 63-year-old gloria gee was reported missing. an oakland police spokeswoman said that gee had been spotted safely. no other details were released. >> that's our report for today. thank you for joining us. >>


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